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Our protective mesh is made from hardwearing polyester thread. Thanks to its special multi-layer weave, which ensures a tiny mesh hole, it stops grains of sand from blowing straight through. In addition it is very impermeable to air which prevents wind turbulence and any knock-on effects.

The high quality of our mesh can withstand the sun's rays and the direct effects of humidity. Another highlight is that the fabric is very lightweight and flexible. No special machinery is required for installation and maintenance is simple.

Rolls come in lengths of 50 metres and heights of 1 and 2 metres.
It comes in an attractive white colour and as time goes by the sand particles entrapped in the mesh give it an ochre tone which helps it to blend in with the scenery.
  Protection against sand build-up in areas such as:
• Seafront promenades.
• Car parks.
• Children's playgrounds.
• Roads and paths near the beach
• Homes and gardens near the beach.
  Helps prevent wind erosion of sand dunes
  Prevents sea erosion at the start of dunes
  Other uses such as: - Maintaining and reinforcing the banks of rivers, lakes, ponds, etc.
• Protection against landslides (earth, rocks)
• Protection against snow drifts.
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